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Industrial IoT Solution
Parts of the same platform

Industrial IoT Solutions

All Your Industrial IoT Use-cases on the same platform

You do not need to go to different vendors or solution providers for your IoT needs around production environment, utilities, assets, resources and manpower

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Smart Factory

Track production, OEE, Preventive Maintenance

smart manufacturing_robotic_arm

Industry 4.0

Minimize service response time and cost. Ensure correct usage

food processing

Process Monitoring

For food processing, pharma, cement, chemical industry etc.

Barcode Scanner


Track product barcodes during product recall

Person & Object Detection

AI Based Vision Inspection

AI based Vision monitoring of your machines & premises for defects and anomalies

Energy Monitoring

Energy Monitoring

Save energy, save cost across utilities and machines

process monitoring

Water Monitoring

Prevent water wastage, get complete water balance

Gas Monitoring

Gas Monitoring

Monitor gas usage, prevent leakages

compressor monitoring

Compressor Monitoring

Remotely monitor and control compressors

Boiler Monitoring

Boiler Monitoring

Remotely monitor and control boilers

Pump Monitoring

Pump Monitoring

Monitor pump operations, prevent accidents

Sensor Monitoring

Sensor Monitoring

Connect and monitor data through any sensor

UPS Power Backup

UPS Monitoring

Ensure business continuity through real-time UPS alerts

Transformer Monitoring

Transformer Monitoring

Ensure business continuity, prevent transformer failure

Fire Alarm System

Fire Alarm Monitoring

Remotely monitor and control fire alarm systems

Elevator Monitoring

Elevator Monitoring

Remotely monitor and control elevators & escalators


Diesel Generator Monitoring

Prevent diesel pilferage, ensure generator efficiency

Scada System

HVAC Monitoring

Save energy through optimum HVAC operations

Water Treatment Plant

ETP STP Monitoring

Monitor water supply, usage & wastage

Pollution Monitoring

Pollution Monitoring

Monitor various environmental parameters, AQI

Measuring Instrument

Instrumentation Monitoring

Real-time data capture of measuring instruments

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