Pollution Monitoring

Safeguard your staff and meet government standards for air quality at your premises.

Reduce emissions

Keep air quality high

Different policies and regulations pertaining to the emission of pollutants in the air have been imposed to keep the air quality high.  By remotely monitoring air quality and pollution, you can track the air quality index around your manufacturing units and subsequently control their emission rates. This helps you adhere to latest regulations and prevent any lawfully enforced consequences where air pollution levels exceed set limits.

Ensure staff safety and performance

Particulate Monitoring

Particulate matter (PM) or Particulates can be easily inhaled and affect health.  Controlling the creation of these particles during the manufacturing process is very important since their continuous exposure can affect the health and performance of workers. Through remote PM and air quality monitoring systems, companies can monitor the amount of particulate matter present in their facility and take steps to reduce the concentration of aerosols in their facility thereby creating a healthy working environment for their employees, whilst abiding by government regulations.  


Harmful Gas Detection

Harmful gases and toxins are produced in many industries during the manufacturing process.  Working under the presence of H2S or SO2 for long durations can affect the respiratory system of workers. Prolonged exposure can cause severe mental and physical issues, even death.  Also, leakage of combustible gases such as LPG or methane can result in explosions causing injury to nearby operators and equipment damage.  

By using gas detection systems, having remote access to data and controls, the leakage of toxic and combustible gases can be detected and steps can be taken to roll-out the evacuation process, minimize equipment damage, and prevent their spread.

air pollution
air pollution

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Our solution retrofits into mechanical, semi-automatic or CNC machines. We study your environment and then offer machine connectivity suited for you.

We recommend cloud based infrastructure. This can be your cloud or a third party cloud like AWS. You can choose the option which provides the desired control to you.

Hardware (sensor, controllers etc.), installation and customization (if any) are charged as onetime cost. Software, cloud infrastructure, data connectivity and software maintenance are charged as an annual rental.

Although we recommend a standard view of the dashboard but it can also be customized as per your needs.

We offer 5 levels of data security including encryption, VPN (if required), user based access, DDOS, firewall. 

Sensors which are deployed for a particular machine are chosen based on the function of the machine. We provide end-to-end functional consulting to the customer.

Yes, you can use the same platform for your other IoT needs. Platform has built-in support for a number of communication/sensor/ PLC protocols. 

Yes, you can set multi-conditional real-time alerts on email, SMS, Telegram and some of the other chat platforms. You can also create a complete workflow of escalation etc.

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