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We offer end-to-end Industrial IoT solutions. These solutions are combinations of hardware, software-as-a-service and installation services. Given below is a description of how each of these components are priced. Each of our solutions are specific to your industrial setup. Thus, we customize a pricing package separately for each of our B2B customers. Currently, we do not offer B2C solutions. Get in touch with us for a custom solution and pricing package as per your needs.


This part of our solution includes IoT gateways, sensors, installation mountings, panels, wiring etc. These are one-time costs for you and are paid upfront along with the purchase order. As a company, we do not manufacture hardware but we help design the right solution for you with robust and industry standard 3rd party hardware. For ordering these parts, we need upfront payment.


Software-as-a service

Our software is sold as a service. There is a annual charge for these services and it will depend on the kind of IoT solutions you decide to purchase from us. This charge includes software service, cloud infrastructure, connectivity, software AMC, VPN charges and so on depending on what you choose to purchase from us. These charges are paid annually in advance each year.


Installation Services

These services are for installation commissioning of the hardware part of the solution in your premises. These are to be paid after installation and commissioning of hardware is complete post customer acceptance.


Customization Services

If there are any specific customization requirements for the solutions you decide to purchase from us, these will be charged upfront with the purchase order.



All hardware carries one year manufacturer warranty as offered by the 3rd party OEM vendor. All software-as-a-service solutions from us include ongoing software warranty as part of annual charges.



Payments can be made through various payment modes including payment gateways like Razorpay, PayTM, Paypal, PayU etc. , credit cards, internet banking, cheques, cash etc. If you prefer any specific payment channel, please get in touch to check and confirm before-hand. We accept both domestic and international payments.


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