HVAC Monitoring

Increase your system time-span, make energy savings and more!

Real time data

Timely Actions

HVAC remote monitoring increases your system lifespan through early detection of issues.  Real-time monitoring technology benefits from high quality sensors and sophisticated data acquisition systems.  With real-time monitoring, you are alerted to issues that need attention before damage occurs, rather than having to continually visit sites to check on key measures.

Increase ROI

Increase energy efficiency & prevent down-time

Over a period of time, 24/7 remote monitoring can can result in major savings by improving energy efficiency, extending equipment life, reducing water treatment costs and more importantly  preventing catastrophic equipment failure.

SStrategic planning

Improve accountability

Real-time data provides transparency across the board.  The ability to pin-point and track disruption and resolution provides you peace-of-mind and comprehensive data and reports, the ability to plan more efficiently.


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Our solution retrofits into mechanical, semi-automatic or CNC machines. We study your environment and then offer machine connectivity suited for you.

We recommend cloud based infrastructure. This can be your cloud or a third party cloud like AWS. You can choose the option which provides the desired control to you.

Hardware (sensor, controllers etc.), installation and customization (if any) are charged as onetime cost. Software, cloud infrastructure, data connectivity and software maintenance are charged as an annual rental.

Although we recommend a standard view of the dashboard but it can also be customized as per your needs.

We offer 5 levels of data security including encryption, VPN (if required), user based access, DDOS, firewall. 

Sensors which are deployed for a particular machine are chosen based on the function of the machine. We provide end-to-end functional consulting to the customer.

Yes, you can use the same platform for your other IoT needs. Platform has built-in support for a number of communication/sensor/ PLC protocols. 

Yes, you can set multi-conditional real-time alerts on email, SMS, Telegram and some of the other chat platforms. You can also create a complete workflow of escalation etc.

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