Role of 5G in Manufacturing


5G technologies to attain efficiency and productivity There are two levels at which 5G will make a difference to the manufacturing industry. Firstly, there would be much faster data transfer due to lower latency, higher bandwidth and a higher number of devices connecting to a single cell. This will mean higher data speeds to the […]

Impact of Industry 5.0 on the Manufacturing Sector


Smart factories in the present times In the present times, while looking at how factories are slowly becoming smarter, I find a couple of aspects transforming much faster than the others. For example, factories have started using industrial IoT to monitor and optimise their energy consumption. They have also begun monitoring their machines to incorporate […]

Advantages of Smart Manufacturing

Advantages of Smart Manufacturing

Smart Manufacturing Smart manufacturing has taken the manufacturing industry by storm. It presents a new way of thinking that can revolutionize the way in which goods are manufactured, using technology to streamline processes and make them more efficient. It involves using digital systems, data analysis, artificial intelligence, and other tools to improve the production process. […]